5 Spiritual Muses From The Toilet

Well, I’m on the toilet as I write this(TMI, I know)but I feel there are a few interesting things that might be worth the read of a person or two. So let’s go.

1. I often wonder about the ability to heal someone just by looking into their eyes. Is it possible to become so conscious that you can do this? Could you be of a place where you could feel the person so deeply, their essence, the connectedness and sameness between the both of you, and how the energy in terms of blocked or unblocked chakras is affecting them? Could you connect, in the moment, to a person so deeply, that with a snap of your fingers your can cure any ailment of theirs like Jesus?

2. How useful are other people really? This more so has to do with the level of dependence you need to have on someone else, whether it be a close friend, relative, or girlfriend or spouse. Yeah, you might have great moments that you shared, sex with a lover that may have been nothing less than magical. But as I get further along in my consciousness work, I wonder how much these people are needed at all. This isn’t on some anti-social shit. To be honest with you, I do quite well in conversations with other people, but I’m certainly more an introvert, and I’m honestly quite happy being this way.

3. What’s the cave-life like? There was a time where I would’ve never considered the cave life(i.e. the life of a renunciate)to have any appeal. But with the dreamlike, magical impact of the work I’ve done on myself up to this point, I wonder how much further a person could go if they spend weeks, months, or even years in a cave. It might seem insane to the average person, but I think it’s a legitimate question to ask.

4. If you remain in-tune enough with your higher-self, even deep within the throes of a chaotic, external world, is it impossible for you to be hurt or killed in an unnatural fashion? Yogananda, legendary spiritual teacher and guru traveled to the U.S. in the mid nineteen twenties to teach spirituality on the strength and clarity of a vision he had back in India. Now there were white people out there that wanted him killed, at a time when whole states and cities were practicality drowning in the fear of anything that resembled ‘the other’. If you think it was bad for Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr. in the sixties, could you imagine being a brown-skinned Indian teacher in the 1920s, giving spiritual teachings resulting in creating American converts by the thousands. Teachings that you were freely willing to offer to all races, Black, White, or Brown, with an openness that a good chunk of ole God-fearing, Jesus-loving, White-folk would’ve found quite threatening. But Yogananda survived and rich white people had his back. That’s not a coincidence. This dude was very much in-tune with Higher-Self, Infinite Intelligence, or God, if you prefer.

5. Is real life meant to feel like a dream? I ask this question because as I progress with my consciousness work, completing routines day to day in my home, taking a meditation retreat every six to eight weeks, I notice as things become more blissful, and the inner turmoil — because everyone deals with it to some degree — becomes less and less, and the world becomes more dreamlike and magical. Sometimes I feel so good, I swear, it becomes reminiscent of the best dreams from my past, where I was on a crazy-high, and then I woke up. Now, I don’t think I’ll be quote on quote, waking up any time soon, but I wonder if the quality of everything, at least in terms of sensation, will resemble, more and more, a dream. One where I’m fully aware of where I am, and the clarity of my world is as crystal-clear as ever.

All right. I’m off the toilet.

J. Marshall



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