A Kind of Unusually Strong Connection***

Jon on the River
2 min readDec 13, 2021



Jon on the River

Yeah, this is a connection in my head, but believe it or not, it makes it no less valid in terms of the real world. Imagine a connection with a woman, one that is rooted far more in truth and the root essence of all things other than her physical being, or even your own physical being for that matter.

This is eerie, because when you look into her eyes you’re never just seeing her, but yourself and truth reflected back at you. Because it’s about truth. Just truth.

Her presence can give you the shakes, pleasantly so, because what you’re dealing with is the vibrant energy of love coursing through you. You’d give your life for her and she’s do the same for you because it’s about more than that, it’s about the unfolding of the universe and to save the other is to be true to this concept.

The connection is something deeper than your basic, cliche, one-note, societally constructed concept of romance and love, you’re talking about something that vibrationally is equivalent to twins fused physically at the hips. This potential is real, this potential is utterly magical.

The connection will turn walks in the parks into leaping on clouds in intoxicating dreamscapes, will turn sex into cosmic union and breathless, indistinguishable oneness with the other, this connection will turn an orgasm into a convulsion of death, rebirth, and spiritual and bodily rejuvenation.

Conversations will become masterpieces of poetry

Eye contact an exploration of each other’s souls,

And time nonexistent and exchanged for presence

It’s some crazy shit…

Worth looking into



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