Bernie! Bernie!

J. Marshall

A little self-sabotage my brother?

A subconscious overburdened with activist and lower-class sentiments resulted in a reality of activism and bearing witness of all that is unjust

But his intentions were good

His subconscious was more committed to the not so good, and his subconscious manifests before Bernie’s eyes a physical reality that masquerades as something that can be more than the status quo. Keyword masquerades.

Because Bernie didn’t see that at least under his direction, change was never going to happen

Why? Because Bernie Sanders was about as ready to fill the presidency as Donald Trump is ready to shave his famous hairdo from his head

I’m fighting for the people, the people, the people, this nearly eighty year old man, neck deep in the struggle and suffused in the pain and turmoil that comes with fighting for equal rights, his consciousness, like a fresh, clean, kitchen sponge recently torn from its wrapping and tossed in a sink of dirty water, soaked up memories of pain and suffering and being an activist against it all with eagerness, until activism — Bernie Sanders the activist — became locked in his mind, he was Bernie Sanders the activist, not Bernie Sanders the president! Even if he was consciously — it would’ve had to be limited to the conscious mind, see — certain that he was going to win the damned thing.

Minds against mind, in Obama, Bernie ran into a mind more equipped for winning than his own, because Obama — it should be well known by most — was the man pulling the strings behind the scenes for Biden

But Bernie’s the man

Of course Bernie’s the man

Because he set his mind on a task in such a way that he influenced a whole new generation of politicians

This new generation of politicians, this new generation that sees things differently

Maybe they’ll see that wanting to make something better, in itself, does not automatically give you the mental fortitude to jump through the motherfuckin’ hoops or deal with the nuance of this intended change, colliding with this structure here or this structure there, colliding with that intended change some other place

Maybe they’ll see that you restructure this mental construct that is your physical reality by first restructuring the fabric of your own mind, restructure your own mind to such a degree that a simple whiff of you nearby will have anything that even reeks one percent of the status quo practically crumble by itself

Oh, it seems so wrong to my brothers and sisters on the left what happened to Bernie Sanders, but whether a thing is right or wrong is not what dictates the outcome, what oceans are the deeper recesses of your mind swimming in?

An ocean of certainty, an ocean of doubt?

If we’re talking about the subconscious you wouldn’t know because that’s what makes it the subconscious, it’s the aspect of your mind that runs shit behind the scenes

Bernie Sanders, one of the great activist type figures in American History, and will have his name etched in the history books as such

His mind didn’t see the interconnectedness of it all, like a basketball that’s conscious of its own existence it doesn’t know why the fuck it can’t do it’s own thing, and the tall motherfuckers keep making it jump through hoops




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