I Prefer Spirituality Over Being a Miserable F@#!

A Rant

J. Marshall

A lot of people in this world are riding high when spiritually they are actually riding lower than tiny loafs of shit catching rides on decomposing autumn leaves along the city sewers. But people don’t have anything solid. Solid beyond the physical, of course. I’m talking about within’. This is people, this is society. And look at me, falling victim to the habit of getting up on my high horse to shit on the rest of society as if I have the right.

Well, I have good news for you. I don’t consider myself perfect, don’t give a shit what other people think, and at least I’m saying something connected to something more than just complaining about the shit we see every day. Hey people, maybe if you watch about five hundred more news clips from the great folks at CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS or fall into one of multiple rabbit holes perpetually available on the internet you can gain a Godlike understanding of reality, the likes of which Jesus would admire, and you can use the newly gained powers from such an undertaking to change the world for the better.

Oh yeah, that shit’s never going to happen. The endless stream of negativity on the news will positively impact society at about the same rate we get a space shuttle carrying one percent of Earth’s population into the Goldilocks zone of the galaxy where we’ve pegged the closest, habitable Earth-like planets to be. Yep, but go ahead and watch more brothers and sisters and feel like you’ve learned something and you’re rightfully pissed off and that you’re going to do something, though on some level you know you’re going to do nothing but protest and make Twitter comments and take your anger nowhere. Let it be known, that’s damn near every person in society.

The world is shit, right? Well damn, if you have a working mind, legs, arms, parents, and no serious past abuse, what the fuck? It’s bad? Really? You want to be a fucking slave? You want to be a sex slave? You want to be living around the time Kennedy was on the verge of launching a missile that would’ve sent us into a full-blown nuclear war? You want to exist during the black plague where seventy-five to two hundred million people were wiped out? How’s that for bad?

But your fuckin’ student loan debt. It’s sooooo miserable? Yeah, try being a part of a tribe during the days where the consequence of being in the wrong community was getting raped and slaughtered or seeing your family raped and you getting slaughtered right along with them. It’s so bad for you? Because politicians are corrupt. Well how about no government since it’s so bad? Then we don’t have to worry about corrupt politicians redirecting all our tax dollars to the top and instead will only have to worry about other invading countries, wild animals popping out from the bushes left and right to eat us or our kids alive, homicidal enemy tribes, broken limbs or diseases that can’t be treated because there’s no doctor’s office established nearby due to there being no time because the people in any given area always have to be on the move because there’s no government to provide enough security to remain in one place.

I can get deeper, infinitely deeper with a level of nuance that would be dizzying, but how about I say I like a clear mind. How about I say I like being able to think about things and not have each thought be tied to an emotional trigger like a wick attached to dynamite. How about I like a slowed heartrate, instead of one that simulates a fuckin’ jackhammer or Pacquiao’s fists against the readily available face of Antonio Margarito. I like to smile. I like not to frown. I like my blood pressure to be lower and to feel that I might have a chance to make it into my fifties and maybe my sixties and beyond without having to worry about being taken out because my mind and body are plagued with the constant barrage of negative, fucked up stimulus that spews from the average cable news media outlet like a medieval alcoholic giant from some twisted children’s tale, puking on a downtown city curb after his one hundredth tallboy. You know what else is fun? Having good things to talk about and not seeing or having to talk about the constant pain that has befallen one city, or one town, one mother who lost a child, a father who lost a son, a man who was unfortunate enough to find his neck beneath the knee of a subconsciously — if not consciously — racist and homicidal cop.

I’m fuckin’ good man. How about I don’t be a miserable unhappy fuck for now and I continue on my path of spirituality? That, it seems, has been working out pretty well.



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