In The Flow***



An absence for the sake of getting into flow and being more aligned, like the perfectly tightened strings on Jimi Hendrix’s beloved instrument.

Oh what to do, what to do, when it seems the whole world is conspiring to collapse upon you. If you look a little deeper you can know definitively that this is absolutely not the truth of the matter, it’s just the subtle, unseen energies resisting the same as the more apparent seen energies, such as the resistance of concrete against your knuckles as you try to crack it with your fists. No resistance means no sustainability which means you couldn’t have a world where anything solid exists.

As Marlo and Avon from the beloved, classic HBO drama ‘The Wire’ said, ‘the game is the game.’ And some resistance on the path to change is just part of the game of life.



Jon on the River

Home of my open journal. I will speak about growth and take you through the heaven and hell that makes up this process