The Marshall Poet

It sounds like a pretty big statement for the ones that can even understand

But I’m restructuring mindframes for real though

What better thing to do when damn near everyone, from the ones you’ve grown up with, acquaintances, friends, teachers, the ones with the power, all seem to be as blind as eyeless bats with blindfolds on?

What a statement to make, right?

Look at me, Mr. High and Mighty quick to criticize like I’m all conscious and shit

Nah, not compared to the ones that are really conscious

Hell, you might as well call me as blind as a bat too

But I at least have my eyes, though

I’ve at least removed my blindfold

Restructuring mindframes, for the ones that have still not figured out what the fuck I’m talking about by now, means to change a person’s mind

What automatically came to your mind when I used the phrase ‘change a person’s mind?’

Hope you’re not equating it to changing your mind about a show you weren’t going to watch because you assumed it was going to suck and then because everyone around you is telling you how good it is, you suddenly want to give it a chance

Don’t be equating it to changing your mind on meal plans when you thought you were going to opt for a meal with less garbage and try vegan but then at the last minute you decided, fuck it, if I’m gonna die from eating shit at least I’ll die healthy

This isn’t like failing time and time again in making the right decisions

Nah, what I mean is that my intent is to change you to a different you

Because restructuring mindframes means going deep

I don’t mean deep like stepping in the shallow end of the ocean deep, don’t mean the kind of deep where you can stand with water above your ankles while the ones with more balls or experience swim out to sea

I mean I’m saying that you took in too much water and you bring your head up above the surface, coughing and simultaneously gasping for air, you want nothing more than to get back to shore because you might die out in this motherfucker level of deep

Yeah, you’d be shivering and thankful to be alive though there’s no real physical threat to you if you deal with a dose of mental restructuring

Because this is frighteningly deep

Not the toddler bit your finger and it hurt like a bitch but didn’t break the skin, level of deep

Not the toddler bit your finger, it did break skin, and you had to go get a shot, and yeah, it also hurt like a bitch kind of deep

Nah, more like the one or two year old I’m referring to was actually a lion and it just buried enough of its teeth deep into your forearm to guarantee its amputation even without it attempting a yank to take it off.

No, after you do the work of restructuring mindframes you know you’re losing yourself, you know the old incapable you is leaving and you will feel a deep pang of sadness and distress because though you know it’s inevitably going to benefit you it is the familiar and Lord knows humans love to hold onto the familiar

The restructuring I’m talking about will make you face your past self and say you’ve always been full of shit

Hell, it might even make you look at your parents and do the same

And no!

Not money! Please don’t mention the motherfucking money, though that is most certainly a benefit of restructuring mindframes

I’m talking deeper than surface level, not the shallow depth of the words of a politician.

No, I mean restructuring your mindframe like fifty plus years of Washington legislation restructures an economic system to keep the rich and politicians at home on clouds of money while it creates a system to keep your feet restructured into the motherfucking ground

That level of restructuring!

Don’t play with me!

This ain’t a game here!

It’s wartime man

Oh my God, it’s so hard, the world’s so bent against us!

Yeah! But so the fuck what!

Master the concept of restructuring your mindframe and for the rest of the world

Good motherfucking night!

I’m Done!



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