“Tell me, how hot is she?”

“Let me put it this way. She’s the girl of any man’s dreams. If you see her you’ll let her do whatever she wants to you. Almost completely because of her looks. But not just her looks.”


“I’m not kidding. She may only be twenty-five, but she has a lot of bodies on her hands. And not by any traditional means either.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that she’s a sex addict and a cannibal and a witch. You put those together as an attractive woman and you can get damn near any man to do anything.”

This is something that Lucas recalled as he sat on the couch of one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She was in the other room grabbing him the bottle of beer she’d offered.

“So,” she said, strolling back out of the kitchen with a cold, open Heineken in hand. She handed it to him. “What do you want to do?”

She sat down next to him, this brown-skinned beauty, reminding him of every fantasy he’d ever had, every night where he’d had trouble sleeping because of some girl on his mind. She smelled so good, she looked so good, and her voice, like her personality, was so sweet and nice.

“We could watch a movie.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

She used her phone to control the TV, scrolled to Netflix.

“So, you knew when you called me what was going to happen, right?” Mia said. “I’m sure someone told you.”

Lucas looked at her, at her gorgeous dark eyes.

“This has to do with you being supposedly dangerous?”

She grinned. “We’re going to watch this movie, have some drinks, and a really great time.” She sighed, a little sadly, though. But her smile, somehow remained. “But you’re never going to see your friends again, your family, or anything that you love.”

Lucas thought nothing, said nothing, only looked at her. For the moment he was only aware of her beauty.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to get some sex,” she said, “so I’m going to take advantage of that. Plus, I get a good meal to boot. What girl could say no to that?”

Wait, Lucas suddenly thought, once again recalling what his friend had warned him about. There’s no way I’m going to fall victim to th —

Mia’s hand suddenly rested on his crotch.

“It’s over for you,” she said, her eyes fixed on his. She licked her lips, salivating. “But there will be pleasure before the pain. And intense pleasure before the eventual nightmare. You down?”

Lucas knew at this point it didn’t matter what he said. So with his heart beating fast, both due to a combination of anticipation and fear, he answered,


And Lucas Joshua, twenty-four years old, and with not much in the way of future prospects, indeed, never saw the ones close to him again.




Home of my open journal. I will speak about growth and take you through the heaven and hell that makes up this process

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Jon on the River

Jon on the River

Home of my open journal. I will speak about growth and take you through the heaven and hell that makes up this process

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