Top 10 Ways To Be Positive In Case of A Trump Reelection

J. Marshall

If you’re a Trump supporter this is in jest. Don’t take it personally, it’s only meant for a laugh. I hold no ill-will. Everyone has a right to their own opinion on American politics

  1. Congratulations…

On Another Loss For America

2. These Are Not Just The Blue States of America

or The Red States of America

But The United WHITES of America!

3. Congratulations…

We get to live in a much warmer world because of you

4. Well now that America’s great again I guess you can all stop voting

5. Aw, life on Earth is overrated, anyway

6. Why fight for everyone when you can have a cool red hat instead?

7. You know, now with Trump reelected I’m starting to understand why he’s not up for the job

8. Well, look on the bright side…

Before the end of the world we’ll have more sunny days than ever

9. Trump was right. I’m fucking sick of him winning

10. You know, I hear Iraq is rather nice this time of year



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